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Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens (Cymraeg)

December 2017 Project Update (ENG)

Diweddariad Project Rhagfyr 2017 (CYM)



8 thoughts on “Designs / Dyluniadau

  1. There is no key on the designs which makes it difficult to decipher. From the initial public consultations a (year or two ago?) the scheme seemed to include resurfacing of the whole of the street. The plans do no seem to indicate this?
    Some crossings of Taff Embankment seem to be raised and some aren’t. Why?
    The scheme looks positive, though I think it could have gone further.
    There is little information on the residential parking permit scheme and generally how the construction will take place. Where will residents park during construction?


    • Apologies for the delay getting back to you. The key is now available on the design pages of the website, hopefully this should make things clearer.
      Re-surfacing will take place on all road and footpath surfaces in streets where work is planned.
      Only some crossings on Taff Embankment are raised as we have tried to strike a balance between traffic calming and not introducing too many road humps – both for cyclists and drivers.
      I’m glad you’re positive about the scheme. The size of the project area was limited to the west by the ground levels (wholly reliant on gravity), to the south by a change in drainage layout and in the north by our project financial spending limits.
      We will be setting up a temporary project car sticker, to help the Contractor identify the cars of local residents during construction and prioritise spaces for them. Any streets not being worked on will continue to use their existing permits. To minimise disruption the contractor will manage parking during construction with 2 streets at a time being worked upon. The streets will be apart from each other to minimise any temporary local disruption.

      Hope that helps, let us know if you have any further questions.


  2. Who is going to maintain the raised Rain Gardens ? as “they will” suffer vandalism.
    Surely a permeable road surface where needed would be far better, not so restrictive on parking spaces, and other than the autumn leaf fall, self maintaining.
    The road surfaces should all be at the same level and similar material to avoid noise pollution. and access for the disabled, will there be a 20mph and access only restriction.
    As the project starts 21st Nov 2016, what is being done re commuter parking problem, are the road restrictions in place, and the resident and disabled parking bays sorted.
    I have been kept a hostage in my home whilst awaiting a disabled parking bay.


    • After the 18 month landscaping contractor’s maintenance period is over, the City of Cardiff Council will be wholly responsible for the maintenance, but it is our intention to work closely with local community groups who might be interested in taking some responsibility for some of the planters/rain gardens. Low maintenance plants and tree-species will be used and as part of the £2million invested, there is budget for maintenance for the immediate future.

      The rain gardens play a vital role in cleaning the water so that it is pollutant free before being released directly into the river. Permeable paving requires maintenance, as do all forms of sustainable drainage.

      All designs have been Equality Impact Assessed and disabled access taken into consideration. Raised tables and pedestrian crossings are a key part of the design and should help limit speeds to nearer 20mph without the need for a limit being in place. Slower traffic speeds should also reduce noise pollution.

      Commuter parking is a significant issue for residents so we are currently planning to introduce 50% residents parking on Aber Street, Abercynon Street, Bargoed Street, Clydach Street, Taff Terrace, Ystrad Street and the main stretch of Taff Embankment. 50% residents parking is already in place on all other streets covered by the scheme however this could be increased to 75% if the majority of local elected members, supported by residents express a desire for this to happen. Once implemented we will continue to monitor the scheme to ensure it is meeting the needs of residents. When the works are being carried out, priority will be given for disabled residents parking.

      Initial work will take place along the river bank Prior to Christmas and disruption to residents should be minimal. In the new year, when work begins on street, this will be done on a rolling basis to minimise disruption and access to properties will be maintained at all times.

      If you let us know your address we can advise roughly when work will be taking place on your street.


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